About us

Cognit Consult is information security and compliance assessment business with strong emphasis on consultancy and penetration testing.

Experienced team

Company founders were well-acquainted with the industry for many years so that resulted in quick and strong start of the business and building of a knowledgeable team of technologically savvy individuals.

Core of the business

At the core of the business are PCI services for merchants, service providers, processing centers and banks. In order to complement the PCI services Cognit Consult offers a range of other compliance services addressing industry and state regulations.

For each Client’s needs and complexity

Penetration testing is the second core service. Company has developed modular methodology, based on industry’s best practices and recommendations, so that it can be adapted to each Client’s needs and complexity of the systems under the investigation.

Additional value

As additional value for Clients, Cognit Consult offers IT consultancy and documentation development services.