UAB “Wprapay”

WoraPay,, is the payments without the queues platform founded in 2012 and specialising in helping retailers to increase sales and profit by allowing their customers to avoid the need to queue to pay.

WoraPay was launched in the Baltics and quickly gained traction securing the biggest retailers as its clients. In November 2015 WoraPay launched the service in the UK and has already saved thousands of hours from queuing for the UK customers. The service is also increasing turnover and profit for catering companies and other retailers.

WoraPay platform supports many order, shop and pay without the queue scenarios including: (i) order food and drinks to beat the queue and pick up straight away; (ii) shop and pay directly from the self-serve cabinet in the café or the retail store and thus leave missing queue for the till; (iii) pay at the pump without the need for self-service terminals; (iv) pay at the table or order to the table at a restaurant or venue and more. Any mobile wallet (a payment app), including retailers own branded apps, can be integrated and work with the WoraPay platform.